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Skin Care Myths

Women have this ultimate relationship with skin care products. With this skincare or anti-ageing skin care products, there are several skincare myths saturate the internet. At best, these myths indulge you in wasting most of your energy and time. At worst, they cause harm to your natural skin quality.
So, today we are busting these anti-ageing skin care myths here:

#Myth 1- Early Ageing is Genetic Fault

Your genes play an important role in aging but we should not forget that there are many external factors that cause your skin to age faster. Factors like Pollution, the climate you live in, lack of proper nutrition, Stress, unhealthy lifestyle habits, exposure to UV rays and many more. These factors contribute to skin ageing.
Practically, Genetics may be partially to blame, but if are into a healthy lifestyle then you can definitely beat the early signs of ageing like a boss.

#Myth 2- Homemade Packs Helps in Anti-Ageing

We all begin to search solutions for problems from our own homes. Sometimes believing in such homemade remedies for anti-ageing skin can prove to be total wastage of time and efforts.
It is just packs or remedies prepared at home do not give the same effects as an expert anti-ageing skincare line. So, basically, the fountain of youth is not lie in your pantry.

#Myth 3- Diet does not Matter for Skin Health

The most common myth is that eating habit does not affect the health of your skin. In reality, everything you put in your mouth directly affect your skin health. If you don’t consume enough vitamins and minerals, then you are likely to face signs of ageing at early stage.
You can add collagen supplements in your diet from the early age to avoid getting wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Collagen mainly works on improving the skin quality. Also, by far it is the best natural way of keeping your skin young as ever.

#Myth 4- Facial Exercise Vanishes Wrinkles.

It’s time for you to get out of the myth that stretching your facial muscles above and below can actually help you to get rid of those wrinkles. Some people even believe that facial exercise can lend you natural glow.
The truth is that it takes more than just few exercises to work out on those wrinkles.

#Myth 5- Using Anti-Aging Face Creams All Over

Honestly, Commercial products like anti-ageing cream and anti-wrinkle face do not deserve so much of hype in the market. We are not saying that these products won’t work at all. They may work on your dermis layer to promote youthful skin. But do you really think they are cost-effective? Or every other women can afford such expensive products.
All we are saying that you can definitely give shot to other cost-effective solutions.

#Myth 6- Using more and more Products for Your skin

People usually live in disbelief of having a little bit is good but more must be better. That isn’t necessarily the case when we talk about anti-aging skincare products. Many dermatologists have explained about having higher doses of such products. That means that more usage of beauty product doesn’t translate to more improvement in your skin.
In fact, it can actually put your skin health at higher risk. So, you don’t have to overdo it on any anti-aging skin care product.

#Myth 7- If it works for someone else, it will work for me

If something is working for your friend, neighbors or family that doesn’t mean that it will come out as same as their experience. Many Youtoubers or companies generally promote these anti-ageing routines or products for the masses.
It is better to understand the quality of skin you have and work on it accordingly. So, don’t follow something religiously if something has worked for other people.

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