Top 4 Tips for Buying the Best Collagen Supplements

If you are reading these tips, we assume you already know what collagen is and what are the benefits of consuming collagen supplements in daily life. 

When people generally get into this confusion of which collagen brand, which collagen type, what collagen form should they buy according to their requirements, Here, we going to tell you that how you can choose the best type of collagen for yourself:

Choose the Right Collagen Type

There are 28 types of collagen from which type 1, type 2 and type 3 are the major ones as they are present in the abundant form in human bodies. Type 1 collagen or Type 2 collagen is good for your skin. It keeps the skin healthy, hydrating and lend natural glow. Type 2 is good for joints and bones. It helps in alleviating pain & stiffness in joints and strengthen the bones. Collagen also helps ion improving the hair and nails quality.

Why One Should add Collagen Peptides in Their Daily Diet?

Focus on additional ingredients

These days Collagen supplements come with different formulations infused with suitable ingredients & vitamins. These complementary ingredients maximize the absorption of collagen in the body as well as provide powerful effects. Taking a collagen supplement on its own will have positive effects, but the most powerful benefits come from consuming such supplement that contains a synergistic formulation.

Source of Collagen

The sources from which collagen supplement is made is important before buying. The best kind of collagen supplements generally contain marine collagen extracted from fish because it is the purest and safest form. As it consists of smaller molecular size, it is more easily digested, absorbed and distributed more in the bodies. This enhanced bioavailability means your body may benefit more.

Pills, liquid or powder?

In what form should collagen should be taken seems like a never-ending debate. Some of us finds it more convenient to pop a pill on daily basis. On the other hand, some like to have collagen drink. We would recommend you to take flavored collagen powder infused with additional ingredients that can mixes well in water, beverages or any other food. So, it is easier to just add 10gm-12gm of collagen powder in water and enjoy your favorite flavor. 

We hope our tips helped you out to find the right of collagen supplements!

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