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working from home

Taking care of your skin isn’t easy especially when you are working from home. 

Well, these tips can surely help.

1) Hydration is the key

“Did you know hydrated skin looks younger !! ”

Water is extremely essential for skin`s natural glow and flushing all toxins from our body. The Best way is to sit with a water bottle while you work and keep sipping water every half an hour.

Once it’s over, refill it.  

If possible, have a glass of lukewarm water in the morning.

2) Be Mindful of your Sugar & Caffeine Intake

Keeping a check on your sugar cravings & caffeine intake when you have access to all types of food at home seems difficult. Snacking every once in a while will make your skin oily or prone to breakouts. Too much caffeine can cause digestive issues like ‘more’ acidity and gas, anxiety and headaches. Try to keep your Tea/Coffee intake minimum, and avoid excess creamers and sugar.

3) Avoiding breakfast & skipping meals is a Big NO

Breakfast is still the king of meals. Ensure your breakfast is healthy. Fill it with oats, fruits, protein and foods rich in fibre. Do not stretch your lunch time by working through it. Instead, you can make the most of your 30 mins by enjoying your meal properly. Don`t forget to Schedule your meals, be it lunch, dinner or even your evening snack break,

4) Make sure your workout, Even 10 minutes will do

Regular exercise not only keeps your skin healthy but also makes you look younger. When we exercise our body sweats and this helps the skin to open pores that are blocked due to dirt, preventing breakouts. It keeps our blood circulation under control and gives skin a natural glow.

5) Make DIY Face Packs

It’s time to make use of the time you have and whip a homemade face pack. Do a quick research on ingredients that suit your skin type and make a quick face pack to soothe your skin. Also, it’s a good time to rely more on natural remedies that you didn’t try before because of lack of time.

6) Collagen Supplements

Collagen is the main protein behind our skin. As we age, our collagen production decreases. As a result sign of aging start to appear.

Boosting your collagen levels is super easy – A natural way is to add 1 scoop of collagen powder in your daily routine.

Collagen powder not only keeps the skin, hair and nails healthy but also helps you to age gracefully. 

Stay home, stay safe, take care of your hygiene and keep washing your hands.

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